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Mark & Lauren

Purchasing a new home is always stressful; there are unfamiliar neighbourhoods, impending timelines, balancing free time away from work and simply the daunting task of moving itself. We have bought homes in the past where we were moving to a new town. Your agent is your guide, there to find the right home for the right price. Too often, it seems disengenuous. Having Jerry show us homes and neighbourhoods took much of the stress out of finding a new home. We had prepared ourselves for at least a few evenings or days of walking through homes to find a fit. Preparing to hear the "positives", etc. Jerry was our guide. He guided us around like an old friend, there to ensure we got the absolute best home we could ask for. We absolutely did. Personally, I hope I never need to move again, but if I do, I'm confident Jerry has my best interests in mind. 

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